Vertigo treatment

There are many different types of dizziness treatment. True-and-tested methods of any dizziness therapy are exercises, changing lifestyle and medication. In general, it is important to discuss your symptoms with a doctor. He or she will determine an individual and specific treatment plan and might ask you to keep a dizziness diary.

Vertigo exercises

Our brain structures have the ability to counteract dizziness. To do so, our brain has to learn to consider only correct information and ignore erroneous one. This learning process can be specifically helped along through certain dizziness exercises, also called balance exercises. By doing them on a regular basis, the brain learns how to handle vertigo.

Videos for effective vertigo exercises at home

Pick three to four vertigo exercises and do them several times per day over a period of four to six weeks. Should you at first feel dizzy during the vertigo training, ask friends or relatives to assist you or ask your doctor for advice.

All exercises as pdf document

Support your treatment with a dizziness diary

A dizziness diary can help your doctor to better learn about the type and course of your symptoms. Based on your details on the types of vertigo, its duration and the circumstances of the attacks, he or she can narrow down the causes of the attacks easier. This is important for the vertigo treatment.

Download dizziness diary

Help your balance system with a healthy lifestyle

Your balance system and brain need oxygen and nutrients to work properly. Outdoor activities are among the most important self-help steps with vertigo. Healthy food is a crucial contribution as well: In individual cases such as Menière’s disease, a diet low in sodium can be helpful in lowering your blood pressure and thus alleviate symptoms. Caffeine and its stimulating effect on the central-nervous system might also have a positive impact on dizziness – so there is no objection to drinking coffee, but in moderation.

Dizziness treatment with Vertigoheel®

In the context of vertigo treatment with medication, the natural pharmaceutical product Vertigoheel has a crucial advantage over other medications such as betahistine1 or dimenhydrinate2, since no side effects or interactions are known. Taking Vertigoheel over a longer period of time does not pose any problems because it has no sedative effect.

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2. Dimenhydrinate: Wolschner U, Strösser W, Weiser, M, Klein P. Treating vertigo − combination remedy therapeutically equivalent to dimenhydrinate: results of a reference-controlled cohort study. Biol Med 2001;30:184-190.