Vestibular neuritis
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Vestibular neuritis: "Sudden Hearing loss of the balance system"

A sudden attack of intense rotational vertigo with a tendency to fall, accompanied with severe nausea and eye tremor suggest a so-called Neuropathia vestibulares or vestibular neuritis (neuritis vestibularis): an acute failure of the balance organ on one side. The cause of this has not yet been fully understood but inflammation of the balance organ is a suspect as are blood circulatory problems and autoimmune diseases. In the course of the disease, a permanent rotational vertigo can develop that becomes even worse with movement.

Contradictory signals coming from the healthy and the afflicted balance organ are responsible for this severe vertigo. A physician can identify a vestibular neuritis by its characteristic eye movements (nystagmus). Nausea and vertigo can be treated with medication. Cortisone as an anti-inflammatory can also be part of the treatment in the acute phase. The assistance of a physiotherapist plays an important role in the stimulation of the central compensation in the brain.

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