Vestibular migraine
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"Migraine vertigo": the vertigo chameleon

With vestibular migraine (migrainous vertigo), the vertigo attack is accompanied by additional symptoms that are typical of migraines. These complaints can precede or accompany a vertigo attack: sensitivity to light and noise, tinnitus, blurred vision and nausea and vomiting. Severe headaches are a frequent accompanying symptom – in approx. 60% of all patients, these headaches are time-correlated with the vertigo attacks. After a few hours of rest, the complaints normally subside by themselves.

The symptoms with vestibular migraine, however, are sometimes not so clear-cut, so that this type of vertigo is sometimes named the "chameleon among the episodic vertigo types". It is therefore important for your doctor that you tell him about any previous migraine episodes. Menière’s disease can cause similar symptoms and has to be ruled out by your diagnosing doctor. Treatment of vestibular migraines is similar to that of the classic migraine.

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