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Vertigoheel® is an effective medication for dizziness

Thanks to a combination of valuable natural ingredients, e.g., Anamirta cocculus or Conium maculatum, Vertigoheel has been helping people suffering from vertigo for more than 70 years now. It has been proven that this natural medication reduces the number and duration as well as the intensity of dizziness attacks. The first positive effects can already be felt after a short period of time.

Vertigoheel offers each patient with vertigo a suitable formulation

Vertigoheel is available in various formulations to accommodate the needs of every patient – be it as a tablet (the most popular formulation as taken by 90% of the patients) as drops or as an ampoule for injection by your doctor. Finding the correct dosage and taking Vertigoheel is simple and straightforward.

Vertigoheel tablets

  • Reduces the number, duration and intensity of vertigo attacks
  • Natural ingredients
  • Well tolerated
  • Can be taken with other medications

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“You don’t have to just put up with dizziness!”

The medication for dizziness symptoms that has no relevant side effects

Contrary to many other drugs, Vertigoheel is not known to have any critical side effects or interactions with other medications. That has the additional benefit of making this product suitable for long-term therapy, allowing the use of other medication, especially for older patients who often rely on several other medications at the same time.

Want to know more about Vertigoheel®?

Older patients in particular are often dependent on several drugs because of chronic conditions. Side effects and interactions between the drugs can then have negative consequences. Vertigoheel is very well tolerated and can be taken in combination with other medicines without restrictions.

Another advantage is: Vertigoheel has no sedative effects. It does not make you tired and the ability to concentrate is maintained. This has a positive effect on the so-called central compensation. This is the ability of the human brain to compensate for dizziness over time. Chemical-synthetic drugs for dizziness often have a dampening effect on the central nervous system. This not only makes you tired and restricts concentration but also reduces central compensation.

It is also important to know that certain chemical-synthetic preparations should be only taken for a few days to a few weeks. However, for Vertigoheel with its favorable safety profile a longer-term application is possible. Nevertheless, the positive effect often starts even in acute cases after the first intake.

Conium maculatum

Spotted hemlock is used, among other things, for circulatory disorders of the brain.

Ambra grisea

Ambra grisea is used to treat, among others, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, nervous hyperexcitability, and exhaustion.

Petroleum rectificatum

Petroleum rectificatum is used for dizziness but has many other areas of use.

Anamirta cocculus

The false myrtle Anamirta cocculus is native to India, Ceylon, and the Indo-Malayan areas. Medically used are the ripe, dried fruits of the plant, called coccels. The Areas of applications are besides dizziness also motion sickness and nausea.

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